DIY Music Licensing - Audio Podcast and eBook

Getting Your Songs in Film, Television, Advertising, Games and New Media

Getting Your Songs in Film, Television, Advertising, and New Media has never been easier. This Product comes with  an Audio Podcast and an eBook on how to get your songs licensed DIY  (Doing it Yourself). Two (2) for the price of (1).

Through the DIY Music Licensing eBook, you will learn 7 key steps -

  1. How not to get Intimidated by the business
  2. How to get organized and your ducks in a row
  3. What marketing practices to use
  4. How to find your sources
  5. Understand what 'clearing' songs means
  6. Learn about the money language
  7. And some principles on follow ups and relationships.

Through the DIY Music Licensing Audio podcast, you will listen to a group workshop I conducted to a songwriter audience, on my DIY Licensing Tips and Tools. This audio is 1 hour long!


360degree songwriter-eBook-3D.jpg

BONUS: Not only do you receive the above Audio Podcast AND accompanying eBook, but for a limited time you also get Gilli Moon's book, The 360 Degree Songwriter - The Whole-istic Approach To Becoming a Hit Maker.