Creative Warrior Power Up Program

Tools and strategies to power up your music career and become a successful artist entrepreneur.

The Entire Suite of THE Creative Warrior Academy Courses, Resources, Video and Audio Content: 16 VIDEOS *
​7 eBOOKs * 4 AUDIO PODCASTS * UNLIMITED SUPPORT: training valued over $3,350

An exclusive 4 week online, self-led, home study program. Strategies and Training through easy to follow modules for you to gain the most impact +  a your community of purpose driven artist entrepreneurs, artists and creative warriors.


How To Be A Successful Artist Entrepreneur - eBook

18 key steps to being a successful artist entrepreneur - downloadable eBook as PDF

I created this eBook for you to provide you a first glance into my perspective on being the artist entrepreneur and a consummate creative warrior.  This ebook will walk you through eighteen (1) points of view so you can assess if you have what it takes for intelligent perseverance that most people cannot summon. If you join my mailing list you actually get this free.  Join here


Just Get Out There

Achieving Abundance, Self-Empowerment and Professional Success as an Artist Entrepreneur

JUST GET OUT THERE is the Artist'sThe definitive guide to achieving abundance, self-empowerment and professional success as an Artist Entrepreneur.  


I AM a Professional Artist

The Key to Survival And Success in the World of the Arts


Artist eMPoWeR - the Path to Artist Empowerment Workshop - Audio & eBook Download

Step by Step Audio Workshop on exploring your creative talents and pursuing excellence as a Professional Artist.

A Step by Step Audio Workshop on exploring your creative talents and pursuing excellence as a Professional Artist. 
By Gilli Moon. Audio download + accompanying transcript eBook - read along to the audio. 1 hr.
Gilli Moon, artist, songwriter and author, hosts artist empowerment workshops encouraging, motivating and providing solutions for artists and arts business professionals. This live recording on CD captures her Artist eMPoWer Workshop that she conducted to an audience of artists and musicians at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. This CD is a step by step audio workshop on exploring your creative talents and pursuing excellence as a professional artist.


DIY Music Licensing - Audio Podcast and eBook

Getting Your Songs in Film, Television, Advertising, Games and New Media


How Songwriters Can Network - Webinar

This workshop will give you the ingredients to jumpstart your networking skills and you’ll learn why it’s important.

The words “self-promotion” and marketing always seem to be a given for Artists to get out there, but how can songwriters get themselves known, build their network, and make a successful career with their songs? This Webinar will give you the ingredients to jumpstart your networking skills and you’ll learn why it’s important. If you’re not a songwriter, but working in the music business as either a musician, artist or music biz exec, these tips and tools will be equally beneficial. Watch it at your pace, in your own time. Comes with a Video Webinar, PDF Workbook and access to our private community.


Just Get Out There - Online Workshop Video Course

Achieve Success and Self-Empowerment as a Warrior Artist Entrepreneur

Following the message in Gilli Moon's book "Just Get Out There", this workshop is a candid and intimate hour with Gilli, for Artists and Musicians, to Achieve Success and Self-Empowerment as a Warrior Artist Entrepreneur. Watch it at your pace, in your own time, online (video series).


VIP Creative Strategy Coaching

Fuel Your Greatness With Gilli's VIP Program

My Creative Warrior VIP Program is ideal for those of you who ARE literally that: VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE.You are a successful entrepreneur, living your creative warrior life in full throttle, and who want access to me directly via one-on-one coaching/mentoring  sessions with me, Gilli Moon. 


The Magnet Mastermind

A mastermind group of empowered entrepreneurs and life passion seekers taking the path less traveled, the warrior path, in order to achieve big business and personal dreams




  • Weekly video training modules 
  • 24/7 access to private facebook group 
  • Private Space created for you to access videos, exercises and tutorials 
  • Personal one-on-one access to Gilli

The 360º Degree Songwriter

The WHOLE-istic Approach to Becoming a Hit Maker

Analyze the Hit Song Recipe and change your mindset in a powerful way.

There is a song; and there is a Hit Song. Which one do you want to write? Are you a Hit Song Maker? This book analyzes what is a “Hit Song”, covering my Hit Song Recipe - a collection of special ingredients that makes up the “Hit Song” sauce. This analysis will help you as a songwriter gain a clearer path on how to write a “Hit” song and why you should at least write one for your catalog. Who knows, once you get hooked, you may realize that all your songs can be Hits! 

But songs aren’t Hits just in the writing. This book focuses not just on songs, but you as the songwriter. This is where my coined phrase, “the 360º (Degree) Songwriter” comes into play. You’ll discover the mindset you need in order to write the Hit songs, deliver them to the ears and minds, and jettison them, and you, towards success. You’ll also receive tips on marketing, branding and networking in the music business, including an in-depth chapter on licensing and publishing your songs.

By the end of this book, you’ll have your Writing Recipe book, and you’ll be able to determine whether you're up to playing the music business game to succeed as a professional, consummate, 360º Songwriter. Through my carefully crafted strategies, you’ll give your SONG the BEST SHOT. Actually, a SLAM DUNK.

Buy from Gilli Moon below eBook PDF download on this page. Or Get The Paperback or Kindle Versions on Amazon here


Write Hit Songs Mastermind

The Ultimate Mastermind for Songwriting Career Success

Pushing your songwriting to the limit is worth it. Enroll today in gilli moon's Write Hit Songs Mastermind and write 3 hit songs in 6 weeks, get one-on-one feedback and learn the ins and outs of the songwriting business. At the end of the mastermind program you will have everything you need to lead a successful songwriting career.